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Perodua Bezza 2023 – Beyond Compact

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Experience the Perodua Bezza 2023: Style meets efficiency with advanced safety and a range of options. Discover beyond compact.

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Introducing the Perodua Bezza, a compact sedan that transcends the ordinary and redefines the driving experience. With the motto “Beyond Compact,” the Perodua Bezza is not your typical small car. It stands out in the automotive world with its unique blend of features and capabilities that make it a top choice for drivers seeking both efficiency and style.

One of the standout features of the Perodua Bezza 2023 is its 5-year warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance to drivers. This warranty underscores the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and reliability, ensuring that your investment in the Bezza is well-protected.

Safety is paramount in the Perodua Bezza, and it boasts the Advanced Safety Assist (A.S.A) system, which takes driver and passenger safety to a whole new level. With cutting-edge technology and innovative safety features, the Bezza keeps you and your loved ones protected on the road, providing confidence in every journey.

When it comes to efficiency, the Perodua Bezza shines with its remarkable fuel consumption rate of 22 kilometers per liter. This not only saves you money at the pump but also reduces your carbon footprint, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

To match your personality and style, the Perodua Bezza comes in a range of six exciting colors. Whether you prefer a classic tone or a vibrant hue, you’ll find an option that suits your taste and makes a statement on the road.

In summary, the Perodua Bezza is more than just a compact sedan; it’s a symbol of innovation, safety, efficiency, and style. With its “Beyond Compact” approach, 5-year warranty, Advanced Safety Assist, outstanding fuel economy, and a palette of exciting colors, the Bezza is a car that takes you beyond expectations.

Perodua Bezza Video Overview

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Perodua Bezza 2023 Exterior

The Perodua Bezza 2023 boasts an updated and stylish exterior design that captures attention wherever it goes. With its sleek lines, modern features, and attention to detail, this compact sedan is the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

The Perodua Bezza’s exterior design not only enhances its visual appeal but also contributes to its overall performance and efficiency. Whether you’re navigating city streets or hitting the highway, the 2023 Bezza’s exterior is designed to make a lasting impression while ensuring a comfortable and dynamic driving experience.

Perodua Bezza 2023 Interior

Step into the Perodua Bezza 2023, and you’ll discover an inviting and well-appointed interior that prioritizes comfort, convenience, and modern technology. From the choice of materials to the smartly designed features, the Bezza’s interior is designed with the driver and passengers in mind.

The Perodua Bezza’s interior combines practicality with style, creating a welcoming and functional space for drivers and passengers alike. Whether you’re commuting to work or embarking on a road trip, the 2023 Bezza’s interior is designed to enhance your driving experience and keep you connected and comfortable throughout your journey.

Perodua Bezza 2023 Price

Perodua Bezza

The Perodua Bezza 2023 offers a range of trim levels to cater to diverse preferences and needs. With its competitive pricing, it provides an accessible entry point for those seeking a reliable and stylish compact sedan. Here’s a brief overview of the 2023 Perodua Bezza’s price range, along with a table breakdown of the different trim levels and their corresponding prices:

Trim LevelPrice (RM)
Bezza 1.0 G (MT)RM35,789.70
Bezza 1.0 G (AT)RM37,848.85
Bezza 1.3 X (AT)RM45,498.90
Bezza 1.3 Advance (AT)RM51,664.25

The Perodua Bezza 2023 offers a range of options to suit various budgets and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a manual or automatic transmission, or you desire the advanced features of the Bezza 1.3 X or Bezza 1.3 Advance, there’s a Bezza model for you. The competitive pricing of the Bezza makes it an attractive choice in the compact sedan segment, delivering excellent value for your investment.

Perodua Bezza 2023 Loan Calculator

Financing your dream car, like the 2023 Perodua Bezza, is made easier with the help of a loan calculator. This tool helps you estimate monthly payments, interest rates, and the total cost of ownership, allowing you to make informed decisions about your purchase. Here’s a brief overview of a sample Perodua Bezza 2023 loan calculator, along with a table breakdown illustrating a hypothetical loan scenario:

Using the loan calculator, you can tailor your financing options to suit your budget and preferences. By adjusting the down payment, loan term, and interest rate, you can determine a monthly payment that aligns with your financial goals and constraints.

Please note that actual loan terms, interest rates, and down payment requirements may vary depending on your financial institution and creditworthiness. It’s advisable to consult with your lender or financial advisor for precise loan details and terms specific to your situation.

Perodua Bezza 2023 Color

The Perodua Bezza 2023 offers a vibrant array of exterior color choices to suit diverse tastes and personalities. Whether you prefer a bold statement or a classic look, the Bezza’s color palette delivers options for every driver.

Garnet Red: This deep and rich red hue adds a touch of sophistication and passion to the Bezza’s exterior.

Sugar Brown: A warm and inviting brown shade that exudes a sense of comfort and timeless elegance.

Granite Grey: A sleek and modern grey tone that complements the Bezza’s contemporary design.

Ocean Blue: A refreshing and vibrant blue color reminiscent of clear skies and open seas.

Glittering Silver: A classic and versatile silver shade that offers a timeless and polished appearance.

Ivory White: A clean and pure white color that enhances the Bezza’s sense of purity and modernity.

The availability of these exciting color options allows you to personalize your Perodua Bezza, giving it a unique look that suits your style and preferences. Whether you opt for a bold red or a timeless silver, the Bezza’s color choices allow you to make a statement on the road and express your individuality through your vehicle’s exterior.

Perodua Bezza 2023 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The prices for each variant of the new Perodua Bezza 2023 are as follows:

  • Bezza 1.0 G (MT): RM35,789.70
  • Bezza 1.0 G (AT): RM37,848.85
  • Bezza 1.3 X (AT): RM45,498.90
  • Bezza 1.3 Advance (AT): RM51,664.25

Yes, the listed Bezza prices include insurance and road tax for Peninsular Malaysia.

Yes, the monthly payments provided are average estimates based on a 3.2% interest rate. The actual payments may vary depending on the interest rate offered by the bank or financial institution

The waiting period to get the Perodua Bezza 2023 is typically 1-3 months, but it can vary depending on several factors such as market demand, the variant ordered, color choice, and location. We will provide the latest information on the waiting period when you place your order.

You can use the Perodua Loan Calculator provided to calculate the monthly installment based on the amount of the down payment, loan duration, and stated interest rate.

Here’s an easy way to place an order for the Perodua Bezza 2023:

  1. Prepare the required documents as mentioned above.
  2. Email your documents to or;
  3. Whatsapp your documents and details to Mr. Nazrin


In conclusion, the 2023 Perodua Bezza embodies the perfect blend of style, efficiency, safety, and affordability. With its attractive exterior design, spacious and well-appointed interior, and a range of trim options to suit various budgets, the Bezza offers a compelling package for those seeking a compact sedan that goes beyond expectations. Its advanced safety features, competitive pricing, and impressive fuel economy make it an ideal choice for both urban commutes and long journeys. Whether you prioritize style, comfort, or practicality, the Perodua Bezza has something to offer, and it continues to stand as a testament to Perodua’s commitment to delivering quality vehicles that cater to the diverse needs of drivers.

To explore more of Perodua’s exciting models and discover the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle, we invite you to visit our website or your nearest Perodua dealership. From compact cars like the Bezza to versatile SUVs and other innovative offerings, there’s a Perodua vehicle that’s sure to match your desires and exceed your expectations. Thank you for considering the 2023 Perodua Bezza, and we look forward to assisting you on your journey to finding the perfect vehicle for your needs.

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